PROLINE TECHNOLOGY Professional Services        NEW ! The World’s fastest Aluminium Spot Welder !

Experienced engineers work closely with you to develop a quality product.
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Specialising in fabrication and prototyping with fast turnaround from order to delivery.
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So strong no other welding is needed! Speed, efficiency and affordability.
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We have the latest Laser Cutting Technology ensuring high quality standards all the time.
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We specialise in Aluminium and Stainless Steel welding.
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All Production Volumes. Quality Control, Finishing, Assembly to ensure your needs are met.
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We are a precision sheet metal manufacturing company, specialising in design, fabrication and finishing of high quality sheet metal components. And now, our latest advancement in quality and efficiency, our Pro-Spot aluminium spot welder exemplifies our dedication to manufacturing quality, inventiveness and creativity combined with a keen fondness for speed, efficiency and client affordability.

Our commitment to all of our customers is to offer the best possible service, competitive price and quality product.

We use the latest CNC technology to support our customer's requirements from early stages of design and development (with rapid prototyping) to final production, including assembly.

The continuous investment in latest technology, with the combined knowledge and skill of our management team has created an environment of high confidence and trust with our customers.

 You are welcomed to visit our premises at any time by arrangement, where you will experience our attention to detail and our professionally equipped factory.

We believe in building a beneficial partnership with our customers, helping  each other to grow and achieve our goals.

Proline: Sydney Laser Cutting:

 The Laser Cutting metal fabrication division of Proline technology was created to provide precise laser metal cutting services to the Sydney manufacturing community.  This has now expanded nationwide with many of our clients coming from across Australia.

The products and professional services provided will help large, as well as small, businesses meet their requirements for consistent and accurate products.

The recent acquisition of a new Trumpf CNC punch machine provides SYDNEY Laser Cutting with Precision with additional technical solutions to metal fabrication problems.  We can now produce parts as well as lower your turnaround times and costs.

As a full service metal fabrication firm, Sydney Laser Cutting offers Precision provides press brake services for those in need of a wide range of bending applications.  Welding, spot welding, pem insertion or accurate CNC machining, CAD services and pre-production assistance help you get your project done.

With our over 30 years of experience, we’re sure you’ll agree that our capabilities, combined with a strong commitment to service and total customer satisfaction, make us the choice for meeting your laser cutting and all metal fabrication needs.

Please Contact us  for a no-obligation quote tailored to your specific project

Let us “laser in” on your requirements

Sydney Laser Cuttings Precision’s advanced Laser Metal Cutting System is a Trumpf TC2020 R fmc, self loading and unloading automated machine featuring state of the art technology. The laser beam, as a non-contact tool, allows quick, accurate cutting with a narrow kerf.  The precise burr-free edge created by the laser cut is remarkable for its minimal roughness and narrow heat affected zone.

  • Why Sydney Laser Cutting offers value and quality: …. The laser allows us to provide the highest quality service and handle jobs of any size and description.
  • Why Sydney Laser Cutting offers value and quality: …. The laser holds tight positioning for nesting capabilities, which lowers material costs.
  • Why Sydney Laser Cutting offers value and quality: …. The lasting result of the laser’s narrow heat affected zone is the ability of the material used to maintain a high level of quality to conformance.
  • Why Sydney Laser Cutting offers value and quality: …. The laser can accommodate a variety of materials including mild steel to 0.8 inch maximum, stainless steel to 0.75 inch maximum, and aluminum to 0.375 maximum.
  • Why Sydney Laser Cutting offers value and quality: …. The laser can cut detailed intricate shapes including such complex contours as sharp angles, small holes and narrow webs quickly and economically.

SYDNEY LASER CUTTING’s  Precision’s laser cutting is the best metal cutting system to produce a precise cut high quality part.

Rounded Rectangle: Free Quotes our pleasure:   No one beats us on Value, Quality and Service